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Village Square Apartments

Outside Campus View

Enjoy the beautiful campus of Village Square. Excellent viewing of landscaped hills and lawns. Neatly trimmed shrubbery and blooms in the Spring..

Office View



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Our Rates
Application Fee, $50.00 - Deposit $400.00, Small Rooms $450.00, Large Rooms, $500.00. Village Square is for  students who want luxury and a most conducive living and studying atmosphere. The apartments are within a gated community with security monitors to enable you to feel secure while you stay with us at Village Square.

Designed For Students

Village Square Apartments, are designed for the students that enjoy the outside scenery while studying on the patio or balcony.

Parking & Accessibility

Parking with handicapped accessibility with security gates and monitors.  Daily office and  maintenance staff. 

WI-FI Enabled

Village Square Apartments, designed  for the  students who want luxury and a most conductive living and studying atmosphere. Village Square is protected within a gated community with security monitors.  WI-FI basic cable has been added for your high speed internet connectivity.

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Kitchen & Dining Area

The Bedroom



The Bath


The Living Area








Room Layout


At Village Square you can enjoy a 12'X17' or a 17 1/2'X17' bedroom including bath. Our living rooms are a spacious 14'X18' furnished with a sofa, coffee table, wall lights, a full picture window with blinds, a balcony, controllable HVAC System and ceiling fans.

The kitchen measures 12' X 12 1/2'  with an electric range (self cleaning), a frost free refrigerator with ice maker, a dishwasher, microwave, dining bar with captain chairs, fire alarm and fire extinguisher, washer and dryer, ceramic floors, pantry, stained kitchen cabinets.

The balcony which measures 6' X 14'. Internet service in living room only.






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